Transportation Management

By understanding your company’s needs and the areas you value most, we create a dynamic freight profile that we match with carriers strengths. Our vast relationships help us make the right carrier recommendations to meet our client’s specific needs.

We leverage our relationships and proprietary agreements to maximize transportation procurement unique to each client. Annual client specific negotiations occur to take full advantage of dynamic market and economic fluctuations.

Invoice Processing

M&A’s dynamic invoicing process is customized to each client’s specific needs. Our comprehensive GL coding provides in depth visibility into meaningful financial data upon which educated financial decisions can be made, ultimately reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

Relationships are a foundational component of M&A. In order to develop lasting and meaningful working relations we commit the resources necessary to understand our client’s business. Each client has a dedicated Client Services Team that learns your business and processes. This approach is the reason why 90 percent of our client engagements continue beyond the initial agreement with an average relationship of nine years.

  • Invoices Received

    We coordinate with the carriers so we can receive all types of invoices (ie - electronically or by mail).

    • Flat File
    • EDI / API
    • Paper Invoicing
  • Data Entry

    Non-EDI invoices are processed manually by our Data Entry department to capture every detail on the invoice and BOL. This is the first level of defense to ensure the appropriate client location is billed. Our Data Entry teams work quickly and accurately so that our clients are billed quickly and that carriers are paid expeditiously.

  • Auditing

    M&A's audit process is multi-step to ensure accurate expense coding, correct pricing application through utilization of pricing algorithms, as well as geographic and freight characteristic matching against shipping documents. Our Audit team’s primary objective is to ensure you pay for the service requested and that it was received on time. During this process there is 100% visibility and communication with our clients through the invoice center, allowing our clients to know the status of an invoice at any point throughout this process.

  • Logistics Management Invoice Generation

    M&A generates a consolidated weekly invoice (LMI) that includes carrier invoices that have completed the invoicing process during the preceding seven days. The Logistics Management Invoice is a single invoice that is the pathway to streamlined disbursement, carrier payment, and expense coding.

M&A's Proprietary Technology

M&A’s suite of proprietary logistics applications, CoreLogix, is a powerful collection designed to improve efficiency and provide transparency into the logistics processes of our clients. These applications are architected to provide easily accessible information designed around our client’s specific needs, making it easier for them to concentrate on things most important to their core business.

How does partnering with M&A benefit you technologically? Our software has been built in house in a collaborative manner with our clients making it “real world” and “user friendly”. Simplicity is derived from a complex architecture and most easily experienced through M&A’s intuitive interfaces that deliver big data results. Simply put, our technology provides insight into our client’s logistics processes that they typically can not see on their own.

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Continuous Improvement

M&A doesn't just stop at Negotiations and Invoice Processing; With a Dedicated staff, including your own Account Manager, our team is here doing diligent analysis combing through every possibility and scenario to save you time and money.

Consulting to M&A is dedication. Mihlfeld dedicates the time and manpower to fully understand your business and to find every possible way to optimize costs and improve efficiency. Partnering with M&A allows you to focus on the most important aspects of your business, giving you the freedom to do what you do best.

As a nimble organization, we collaborate with our clients to truly understand their focus and desired goals. Our proprietary software has been developed with this in mind and many of our applications have been designed in conjunction with our clients.

Our consulting philosophy is quite simple, treat your company as if it were our own!